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Dooplay 2.6.1 Original Movies WordPress Theme + Auto Embed

Download Free DooPlay – WordPress Theme for Movies and TVShows v2.5.5

DooPlay - Free WordPress Theme for Movies and TV Shows 2.5.5 – WordPress Theme for Movies and TVShows is unquestionably the greatest and most powerful framework for accessing a vast volume of information with a single click.

Movies on DooPlay The WordPress Theme for TV Shows is meant to assist you in creating material with no effort, utilizing sophisticated features that deliver highly confidential data, text, and images, as well as providing you with all conceivable customization possibilities without touching lines of code.

Dooplay 2.5.5 has a persistent caching mechanism to reduce database requests, the quickest and most reliable version ever, and new and enhanced features to give you complete control over your site.

Customized fields in the DooPlay Theme for WordPress provide order and a nice look at its material. SEO offers precise taxonomic filters to optimize performance and location on major search engines.

After purchasing, you may also have access to support and special content available only to customers. All updates are free, and everything is for life.

This is a original Dooplay 2.5.5 theme with installed Auto Embed movie streaming API.

All movies and episodes will have player where you can choose from multiple streaming servers. It uses streaming api.


  • download archive and unzip it
  • upload dooplay folder to wp-content/themes/
  • go to your wordpress themes page and activate dooplay
  • ignore invalid license warning, you can use it without license
  • sign up on and get your api key for importing movies and tv shows

Please buy it legally if you can afford it or have the funds to get the most recent updates or modifying instructions. We only provide content for testing and instructional purposes. If you like how it came out and have the money, we recommend buying it from the original designers or developers because they spent a lot of time and effort into creating it. If you are the owner of this content and would like it deleted, please shoot us an email and we will take care of it as soon as possible.

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